Installing Slingbox ActiveX plugin in Kylo manually * Working
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Heey guys,

I just found Kylo while i was looking for a solution to use my Slingbox (Pro-HD) in XBMC. Tried several options (that didn`t work) but now with Kylo and installing the SlingWebPlayer Firefox plugin manually it works.

Here`s a Step by Step:

1. Download and save the WebSlingplayer Firefox Plugin manually here:
2. Extract the Zip
3. Copy (and merge) all files in the zip to your Kylo program folder (My W7 = C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\HillcrestLabs\Kylo) *

* I Reinstalled Kylo in a folder without Whitespaces for XBMC usage. I want to run Kylo from the Main Menu of XBMC and that doesn`t support opening files with Whitespaces in the paths.

4. Run Kylo and navigate to
5. Choose Country, login and save your SlingAccount password in Kylo

This should be all (if i remember correctly).

What i did to get the URL from the Firefox plugin was install Firefox 3.6 and navigate to When it asked to install the addon i copied the link that showed there (see above). I copy/pasted the URL in Internet Explorer and savd it to my desktop. When i tried to enter that URL in Kylo it said it was not compatible. But manually save it, extract it and copy it to the Kylo folder worked like a charm.

I use XBMC on a 22 inch Touch Screen (which i am going to mount in my bathroom) with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Normally thats a bit of a large resolution to use the Web Slingplayer. All the icons and buttons are very small. Kylo has an awesome function to automatically zoom by default. I have it at 150% and with text size at Medium. I have attached pics to show the result.

It is possible i missed a small step in the above Step by Step. If you have trouble getting it together just ask and if i have time i`ll try to help.

Some other notes:

- Since installing Add-Ons in Kylo is normally not possible (like this one) the above solution might work for ther plugins as well.
- The next thing that i have to do is figure out how to correctly use EventGhost so i can use XBMC and controlling Kylo with the Webslingplayer wth my MCE remote. So if any EventGhost techies care to help, please do for me and everyone else.
- I have set the Slingbox url as my Start Page in Kylo. Before i set it i showed the remote and it seems it takes that in the URL so when the URl loads it also loads the Remote (cannot confirm 100%)

See attached pics for screenies (sorry about the quality but can`t upload anything bigger then 75k)...

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First of all, let me say “Thank You Very Very Much” for this post!  This is a truly amazing discovery!  I know a lot of SlingBox owners who happen to run media center have been looking for this functionality for a long time!
Let me share my comments on your post as compared to my experience and then I will add some other comments about this application of Kylo.

For starters, I am running Windows 7 native Media Center (as opposed to XBMC).  I have 32-bit and 64-bit installations and have tried them both.  I have several SlingBoxes and all of them are Pro-HD:

1. The Installation of the SlingPlayer Plugin:
  a. Your steps were crystal clear and I followed them.  If there is a way to know the URL for the Firefox plugin without installing Firefox itself, it would be preferable, but this was a relatively painless step.
  b. Being a relative novice, I didn’t realize that “.xpi” was a zip file.  My system did not recognize the file extension and, therefore did not associate it with my unzip software.  Once I changed the file extension to “.zip”, I was able to extract the files in the plugin package.
  c. In terms of merging the files, I discovered a couple of things.  First, there is one file in the current slingplayer plugin package that SHOULD NOT be merged: “chrome.manifest”. This caused my Kylo not to be able to launch at all (either from within WMC or stand alone).  I used the version that Kylo installed.  There were no duplicates among the rest of the files (other than the sling package included an empty directory called “chrome” which was the same name as a directory that Kylo created which has content), so copying everything but the “chrome.manifest” file should work. Second, on my x64 machine, the appropriate path to copy the files to is: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Hillcrest Labs\Kylo” and on my x32 machine it is: “C:\Program Files\Hillcrest Labs\Kylo”. 

2. Using SlingPlayer via Kylo.  I intend to use Kylo via 3 user interfaces. 1)On my desktop PC using mouse/keyboard input; 2)On an HTPC connected to a 55” LCD utilizing a Logitech Harmony Universal remote and 3)Using a 22” touchscreen as you did.  Because of the way that the web slingplayer is setup, it seems to lend itself well using touchscreen (on-screen remote) and keyboard/mouse.  That being said, I have the greatest need for SlingPlayer on my HTPC PC using the Harmony.
  a. On the desktop PC, everything was pretty straightforward, easy to use and reasonably logically laid out, in my opinion.
  b. On the HTPC using the Harmony Remote, here are the issues.  1)*DUE TO THE WAY THAT SLING MEDIA DESIGNED THE PLAYER* - you are not able to use the “normal” remote buttons.  You have to put Kylo in cursor control mode (“slow” worked best for me) and arrow around to the various selections.  2)Because of the size of some of the remote buttons and player options, it is sometimes hard to precisely navigate the pointer over the item you wish to select. 3)I added the “ESC” key and a “Right Click” to my harmony remote (Media Center PC profile) to make it easy for me to get out of full screen mode and to be able to see additional remote control commands which don’t fit on SlingPlayer’s representation of my remote. 4)Sometimes the slingplayer’s image would go black while the audio played on and the bitrate remained high.  I’m not yet convinced that this is a Kylo problem and will have to play around with the settings more to determine the cause of this behavior. 5)The onscreen remote doesn’t seem to disappear automatically as quickly as it should when viewing in full-screeen.  Sometimes it doesn’t disappear at alll.
  c. I have not yet installed it on my touchscreen.

3. Overall, big picture thoughts.
  a. If Hillcrest Labs would incorporate the ability to access slingplayer natively in Kylo and provide some tweaks, there is a decent audience for this.  For those who are not aware, Sling Media used to offer a product called the “SlingCatcher” which was designed to allow SlingBox owners to watch the content from their slingbox on a TV/Monitor rather than utilizing a PC.  Over a year ago, Sling Media stopped offering the SlingCatcher for sale in the US and the prices soared on eBay.  Whereas they used to retail for $100-200 when in production, used units sell on ebay for around $300 now and new units can command as much as $500.  At least Kylo (plus the tweaks mentioned in this thread) allows SlingBox/HTPC owners to access their SlingBox content without having to shut down Media Center manually.
  b. I doubt that this type of methodology could ever become a true replacement for SlingCatchers without the cooperation of SlingMedia, but it sure beats paying $500 for one on eBay if you are an occasional slingbox watcher.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your discovery.  I certainly helped me out a lot!

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This is really cool. I haven’t had a chance to really play around with this yet, but I wanted to let you guys know that we like what you’re doing. We have an older slingbox in the office here somewhere. We should be able to use that to test.

A quick note on the extensions - again, without really having had a chance to look into stuff….

Inside most XPIs, there’s a file called “install.rdf”. This is an xml file with various parameters that tell Firefox/Kylo what versions of the browser the extension is targeted for, etc. When “borrowing” extensions targeted for Firefox to use in Kylo, you should have to modify this file to add Kylo to the targeted application list. Here’s a previous post about a user trying to setup the Widevine DRM plugin for Kylo where I explain what to do:

I’m kind of surprised that the plugin seems to have worked for you without adjusting this file…

As for the chrome.manifest file - that is usually pretty important. I opened that file, and it’s setting up a directory to use for skin elements. I’m wondering if you modify the install.rdf, maybe the chrome.manifest will start working.

BTW, we intend to support extensions in the near future. Repurposing Firefox extensions as Kylo extensions, however, will probably be a grey area.

One other note: inside Kylo, you should be able to go to about:addons to see your current list of extensions and plugins. If the sling extension isn’t showing up after shoving it in the extensions directory, you’re bound to run into some problems.

Good luck!

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On Mac, I found that all I needed to do was install the Slingplayer plugin using Firefox and it would then automatically work in Kylo too.

However, I have found that after a while (maybe 10-30 mins of continuously using the Slingplayer plugin) Kylo crashes - I’m going to try and establish whether the crash is related to Kylo or the Slingplayer plugin itself.

What is going to be better is when Sling get around to releasing the big-screen version of their web player, which I think goes under the name “Slingplayer for connected devices”. I’m hoping they don’t make this a closed shop that only works on certain hardware because it sounds ideal for Kylo.

Never going to be as good as the Slingcatcher though - a real shame they discontinued that as they could have evolved it into something even better.