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Kylo is the best way to enjoy online content on your TV. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about how to get the most out of your big-screen browsing experience, you’ll find the answers you need here.

How to try Kylo

Trying Kylo is easier than most applications. You download one file for Mac or Windows, click through the standard (and quick) installers, and then launch Kylo. You are now browsing the web with no additional steps. Kylo will not ask you annoying questions, it will not ask to be your default browser, it will not ask for personal information, and it will not ask you to make obscure configuration choices. Kylo also does not make any changes to your computer’s settings, Internet setup or other applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) I’m having trouble downloading Kylo.

If the download link on the main page fails, please use these direct links to the latest version of Kylo:
Kylo for Windows
Kylo for Macintosh

2) What are the best resolutions for viewing Kylo on the TV screen?

We recommend setting your television to 720p resolution as the best balance between online video formats and typical broadband speeds.

Kylo also fully supports 1080p resolution. In this case set your computer to “1920 x 1080” resolution in the display settings.

You may need to consult your computer and TV documentation to find the best match for your particular configuration.

3) I want to use Flash websites, but when a site asks to install Flash it does not work. I tried the Flash website, and that didn’t work either.
There is a Flash installer that works with Kylo, and it is part of the Kylo installation process. You can re-install Kylo and leave the option to install Flash checked. There is a different version of Flash for Internet Explorer than for Firefox and other web browsers. The Kylo browser uses the version for Firefox. You can also install the proper version of Flash using Firefox. None of this applies to the Mac OS version of Kylo.
4) I’m playing back a video full screen, and I want to get out of it. It says I should press ESC, but I don’t have a keyboard.
Press the “back” button on the Loop, or the right button on a mouse, to exit full-screen playback. Some sites have their own onscreen control you can use.
5) I am hearing several audio tracks at once, or the sound is garbled.
Kylo plays sounds from all open pages at the same time, including hidden pages. Make sure only one page is playing sound. Mute or pause video and audio on the hidden pages.  It’s also possible that another application is open and its sound is interfering with the sound Kylo is playing.
6) I was using a site, and it disappeared. The screen says “Keep and Close” at the top.
This is a pop-up window, generated by the site you’re using. Click Close to get rid of it, which returns you to the site you were on.

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