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Hillcrest Goes Big-Screen Surfing

Multichannel News - After more than a decade of trying, nobody’s figured out a great way of accessing the Web’s billions of pages and videos on a TV.

Web content is intended for a “three-foot” experience (i.e., sitting at a computer) while TV is the proverbial “10-foot” experience-basically, the text on the screen is too small to read from your sofa. In addition, most people don’t want a keyboard and mouse on their coffee table, so there’s no great way to navigate the Web on TV.

Hillcrest’s Kylo browser"Hillcrest’s Kylo browser"Hillcrest Labs founder and CEO Dan Simpkins claims his company has finally cracked the Web-on-TV code. This week, Hillcrest plans to introduce a new Web browser for the TV called Kylo that, coupled with its Loop motion-sensitive pointing device, promises to make accessing Internet content on a big screen easy and fun.

“We’re confident that Kylo is the best way to browse the Internet on TV,” Simpkins said. He added that the browser’s sweet spot is a TV with a screen size of between 40 and 50 inches.

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posted March 26, 2010

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Hillcrest Labs consumer products are bridging the gap between online and television entertainment. Thanks to innovations such as our Kylo Web browser for TV and Loop pointer, an in-air mouse for TV, consumers can now access, organize and enjoy online content through their HDTVs. Hillcrest Labs has received numerous awards and recognitions including the two CES Innovations Awards, PC World’s 100 Best Products and Greatest Tech Designs, Popular Mechanics' Editors Choice, and many others.

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