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Kylo and Loop Advance Viewing Web Video on TV

The Wall Street Journal More consumers are watching TV shows over the Internet using computers hooked up to their sets. But this can be a hassle. The major Web browsers were made for close-up use, so they have icons, toolbars and menus that can be too small to see from an optimal TV-viewing distance. And they are meant to be used with mouses, or laptop touch pads, and keyboards.

So, many people wind up sitting on the couch with a laptop and a long cord, or with a wireless keyboard and mouse on a coffee table.

There are various workarounds, such as using the browsers’ zoom controls, fiddling with screen resolutions, and using wireless adapters to eliminate cords. But now, a small company from Rockville, Md., Hillcrest Labs, thinks it has a simpler, better idea. It has invented a new kind of Web browser and a new kind of wireless remote control explicitly designed for using TV-connected computers from the couch.

One product is a free browser called Kylo, available at, which came out in beta form a few weeks ago. Hillcrest calls it “the Web browser for television,” and it runs on both Windows and Mac. It has huge icons, and a large on-screen keyboard for pecking out Web addresses and search terms with your cursor.

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posted April 18, 2010

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About Hillcrest Labs

Hillcrest Labs consumer products are bridging the gap between online and television entertainment. Thanks to innovations such as our Kylo Web browser for TV and Loop pointer, an in-air mouse for TV, consumers can now access, organize and enjoy online content through their HDTVs. Hillcrest Labs has received numerous awards and recognitions including the two CES Innovations Awards, PC World’s 100 Best Products and Greatest Tech Designs, Popular Mechanics' Editors Choice, and many others.

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