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The Hillcrest Loop Pointer Review: a Mouse for Your TV

Gear Diary - It never failed that when someone would visit while I was testing the Hillcrest Loop pointer, they would invariably pick it up and wear it like it was an over-sized bangle — because at first glance, that is exactly what it resembles. But the Loop is much more than just a piece of giant plastic jewelry.

The Loop pointer actually got its start as an “iconic concept product to showcase Hillcrest Lab’s Freespace technology and HoME system solutions.” People who saw it liked it, and they wanted one; so Hillcrest, whose primary focus remains “licensing interactive media systems software
for TV” decided to make it available for purchase.

I got to see the Loop pointer in action at CES, where Hillcrest Labs had a PC hooked up to a TV; they were using the Loop pointer to control the laptop, which in turn controlled the image shown on the TV screen. The idea was pretty intriguing, but I wanted to give it a try on my TV; fortunately Hillcrest Labs was willing to send me a loaner.

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posted March 26, 2010

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Hillcrest Labs consumer products are bridging the gap between online and television entertainment. Thanks to innovations such as our Kylo Web browser for TV and Loop pointer, an in-air mouse for TV, consumers can now access, organize and enjoy online content through their HDTVs. Hillcrest Labs has received numerous awards and recognitions including the two CES Innovations Awards, PC World’s 100 Best Products and Greatest Tech Designs, Popular Mechanics' Editors Choice, and many others.

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