Kylo runs on Mozilla

Kylo is built on the Gecko SDK and requires the XULRunner runtime to operate.

As of XULRunner v12.0, there is a bug in the Mozilla codebase that causes Kylo to crash when certain plugins are running. We have compiled a version of the XULRunner runtime with a patch and provide the package for distribution here under the terms of the MPL.

The latest version of XULRunner supported by Kylo is 12.0.

Unzip this to your top source directory (ie. kylo-browser). This will merge with your existing directory structure and add the xulrunner runtime to appropriate locations. See the build documentation for more information.

This zip file also includes the Kylo.exe executable that was created from xulrunner-stub.exe using Resource Hacker.

Patched XULRunner Versions

Patch Source