How The Introduction of Tech Has Disrupted The Housing Sector

How The Introduction of Tech Has Disrupted The Housing Sector

Technology plays a huge part in the everyday running of many industries, as new tech comes onto the market you may notice that this has a big influence over different development strategies in a variety of sectors. The housing sector is no exception to this with disruption being caused as new processes and technological methods are developed to apparently make our lives easier. The thing about implementing new technology into your workplace is that it can be difficult to get used to the new methods especially when multiple members of staff need to be trained in how to use them.

I think it is safe to say that we are all very grateful for how far the technology world has come in the last few years, it seems that the pace at which new pieces of tech and upgrades are developed we are seeing it increase significantly with each release. This makes it hard to keep up with especially when you are working to maintain a professional standard to impress investors and other big figures within the housing industry. You want to make sure that you are using the latest designs in the tech world without investing in items that are not actually necessary.

This article will look at the different ways the introduction of new tech has influenced the housing sector both in a negative and positive way. As technology keeps getting more advanced it is not often that someone will discuss the issues with trying to keep on top of the best gadgets for a company, so I believe it is extremely relevant that this issue is discussed. As well as touching upon ways that you can make the most out of the new tech devices to improve your business and make more profits overall.


As your management team will have a lot of responsibilities going on it is also down to them to ensure that any new pieces of tech that are brought into the office or any of your properties are properly set up and that they work properly. It is also down to your management team t ensure that the necessary people are taught how to use the new tech pieces that are being implemented, so if many gadgets are brought in they have a lot of work to do.

This would have to be one of the biggest disruptions to the housing sector that is caused by the increased use of technology, as it takes a lot of time and commitment to ensure that all of the necessary steps have been taken. This is where it is also appropriate to consider when a piece of new tech is actually necessary or whether it would just be easier to stick with an older model, this would obviously depend upon the type of tech and how effective it actually is.

Maintaining a Professional And Modern Aesthetic

If you want to attract the most interest in your properties then you may have to look at using technology to your advantage and using the very popular modern aesthetic to draw in more potential buyers. When it comes to selling property it is all about making your agency stand out against the alternative companies that would happily snap up your business. This competitive aspect of the housing sector is something that you should be used to but implementing new gadgets into your homes could be a big way to finalize a sale and make the most money you can.

A big part of maintaining a modern aesthetic around your offices and properties would be the technology you choose, something simple like a high-quality lighting system could be the breaking point in someone giving in and going ahead with a sale so you must think about the smaller details. If you are looking to sell to professional house buyers in Atlanta, Georgia like these guys then you must take it further and implement the latest tech to really impress them. Although this does generate some disruption and create extra work it will be worth it if it causes a sale and profit increase.

Competing Brands

Another way that the technology sector has caused disruption amongst the housing sector would be the way it has boosted the competition against other brands within the same industry. As the more well-developed housing companies get access to the latest tech you have to step it up in order to be considered on the same level. This can cause tension and stress amongst your company as the stakes are heightened further and the amount of work you have to put in increases. Although it is worth it if you can maintain your reputation it can be very disruptive when you need to rush to raise your game.

Using Technology as a USP

Although technology has many disruptive effects on the housing industry, there are also a number of ways that you can make it work in your favor to bring your company success. Using the latest tech as a selling point of your business or properties is one of the best ways that you can bring attention to your brand and increase the number of potential buyers you get. As you have access to new technology or gadgets that cannot be found anywhere else more buyers are likely to come to you for all of their property needs.

PC Gaming Vs Console: Which One is Right for You?

PC Gaming Vs Console

The popularity of video gaming is currently at its peak. The variety of games currently on the market is getting larger and larger, appealing to a wider target demographic by the day. But there is one age old debate that has permeated gaming culture since it started. PC or console? Which is better and which is worse? Let’s go through the pros and cons of each to help you decide what’s best for you.

What’s so great about PC Gaming?

Ah the PC, its where gaming started and it’s where gaming still thrives to this day. But what’s so good about it, if it works so well, they why do consoles exist in the first place? Well, there are a lot of different variables you have to consider when gaming on a PC.

First of all, let’s looks at specs. Buying a gaming pc isn’t as easy as typing it in on google and clicking buy on the cheapest one, there’s a decent amount of research that has to go into it. You have to look at the system of requirements of the games you want to play and then try and find an option that live up to those requirements.

Let’s use the popular asymmetrical multiplayer game Dead by Daylight to illustrate this. Dead by Daylight needs a GeForce GTX 760 and an Intel Core i3-4170 to be able to run at a stable rate. So, when you’re looking for a new gaming PC you would have to check the GPU and CPU to make sure they met these requirements if you were going to play it.

Whilst buying a PC might be tough, gaming on a PC absolutely isn’t. PC’s are famous for their flexibility and viability when it comes to gaming. The freedom of being able to take a game and add community-built mods to it really expands the experience.

If you really wanted to you could also add hacks and cheats to the games, you play which is almost impossible on console. Let’s use Dead By Daylight as another example. There are hacks for that game that give you an aimbot and a 2D Radar. I would destroy everyone at dead by daylight with these hacks on PC.

What’s the benefit of consoles?

Whilst PC’s may have the tech advantage over the consoles, the consoles come with a certain ease of access that makes they much more appealing to a lot of people. When you buy a console like the new Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 then you know exactly what you are getting into.

There aren’t any extra tweaks or adjustments that need to be made to make sure they can run the games they want, if there is a game available on that console, you can play it on that console. This makes the buying experience much easier to cope with because you are no longer focused making sure it will actually play games.

Another good benefit to consoles is that there are often console exclusive games that get released. So, you can choose a console that seems to be providing the most type of exclusive games you want to play.

The only major issue with consoles is their capped performance. You can’t swap components out of console with newer versions of said component meaning that specific console will eventually be unable to run the newest games.

So overall if you’re looking for an easier buying experience then the console may be for you, but if you don’t mind doing some research and getting your hands dirty then the PC will pay dividends in the future.

How You Can Use Tech to Monitor The Worth of Bitcoin

How You Can Use Tech to Monitor The Worth of Bitcoin

Barely a week goes by nowadays without some great crypto success or failure hitting the mass media and picking up thousands of new coin collectors across the globe. This has led to an extremely volatile and speculative market which can be difficult to navigate if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you’re looking for long- or short-term investments into crypto currency, you’re going to need to know when to put money in and when to take it out. Luckily, there are a host of ways you can monitor your coin’s worth no matter where you are.

Monitor The Worth of Bitcoin

  • The One True Coin

This guide is going to be heavily focused on BitCoin (BTC) as it is the most popular coin with the highest market cap, but these tips can be applied to most widely traded crypto currencies. BitCoin, like every crypto currency, is extremely volatile and can spike or dip at any moment, with the backing and popularity to take almost the entire market with it.

As a result, any budding crypto investor should be using all the technology they have available to help them track the worth of their wallet. Luckily, with BTC being entirely an online entity, it is securely cemented in the technological and online world, and there are seemingly endless ways to keep track of BTC’s worth.

  • Price Tracking Sites

The easiest and most obvious way to keep an eye on the price of your BTC is by use of some of the world’s finest crypto tracking sites. These sites will give the user an overview of the price history of the world’s top coins, and almost all of them will keep track of BTC.

Many of these sites can also give new traders an idea of where to start with investing in and trading with crypto, as well as forums where you can find advice and multilingual support if you aren’t a native English speaker or are looking for a guide to bitcoin in German.

  • CoinMarketCap

As one of the oldest crypto comparison sites, CMC has earned a reputation as the standard homepage for anyone who is actively involved with crypto, even being mentioned specifically by as the “go-to price checker for as long as anyone can remember,”.

This site offers a detailed history of pretty much any coin out there, allowing users to do some deep research into predicting the future of the market. Also included is other useful information such as the trading volume and market cap of each coin, and even a list of known trading pairs (two separate coins whose worth is proportional to each other).

  • Coinlib

While CMC has been around the longest and has the most public support, I actually prefer to use Coinlib. It has most of the standard features of CMC, while adding its own systems to build its own personal niche userbase. This site shows its loyalty to BTC with its own generated stat, “BitCoin Dominance”, which proudly displays the current market control of BTC using their own custom metric.

Coinlib pulls its data from a different, wider set of exchanges, which can help find better buy and sell prices than its competitors. There is also an extremely rugged price comparison tool which can bring up a live comparison map for up to 4 coins from a variety of exchanges at the same time.

Another niche feature of this site is the full-featured price tracking tool which can be used to easily identify opportunities for arbitrage. This is a trading strategy where you can make small amounts of completely risk-free profit by exploiting the differences that can sometimes be found in the price of coins between different exchanges.

  • Volatility

While these price tracking methods are brilliant while you’re at a desk and keeping an active watch, this isn’t the best method humanity has available to it. Unlike the stock market, crypto trading has no operating hours due to its truly global identity.

Coins will generally follow an eb and flow in their worth following the times of day with the highest and lowest trade volume, but as anyone who follows crypto news will know, a huge dip or spike in price can happen at any time of any day for seemingly no reason.

  • Price Alerts

To help get around this, many coin trading apps offer features which track a specific coin’s worth and will push you a notification to let you know about a variety of things as soon as they happen. The most obvious use of this is to alert you to any sudden drops or rises as they are happening, allowing you to keep your eye off the screen until your attention is needed.

Many price alerts systems will also allow you to enter a threshold for various crypto currencies. This means that you will get an alert whenever a coin hits the value you determine. Using this, you can set alerts for coins to tell you when something is cheap enough for you to want to buy it or expensive enough to sell.

  • The Internet of Things

Going one level deeper into winding crypto into your life, the world’s ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT) is the best way to keep yourself aware of prices. The IoT describes the idea of many physical devices being connected to the internet, often for indirect use, such as all the various smart devices you may have around your house.

Integrating a price alert system into your IoT means that you can have price alerts come through anything from your Alexa to your Roomba and can be synchronised with your daily schedule to make sure that you are always kept up to date with the latest stats.

How to Use the Internet to Sell Your House

How to Use the Internet to Sell Your House

In this day and age, the internet is used for just about everything. You can gain an education online, do your weekly shopping and make lifelong connections. The internet is a tool that can be used for many tasks and something that nobody could have ever predicted is that one day, you would be able to use the internet to buy and sell a home.

If you are someone that plans on selling your house in the near future, you may be thinking over what your house selling options. It is likely that you have considered using a realtor or a real estate company, which means that you won’t have to do a lot of the selling work. Though this is a good option, it can be extremely expensive and it will certainly bite into a lot of your profits. Instead of going to an expensive realtor, you could always choose to sell your home online.

Selling your home online is a relatively new concept and so the prospect of doing so is probably daunting. There are many ways that you can sell your house online, so there is bound to be a way that fits your needs. Here is how to use the internet to sell your house.

Sell to an Online Buying Company

When I think back to when I tried to sell my house without a realtor in Massachusetts, I struggled to take control of the process by myself and I was unsure where to even start. During a period where I was researching how to sell my home independently, I stumbled across a website called ‘Sell My House 7’ that said that they would appraise my home and then offer me a price for it. I found that this got rid of a lot of the stress I was feeling. If you are someone that can relate to the stress of selling your home, then I definitely recommend that you look at selling to an online realtor.

After you have sold to an online realtor, they take care of all of the hard work and you don’t have to pay them for the labor of it. This is a way to save yourself a lot of time and will also get rid of any unnecessary stress that is better avoided.

Advertise on Popular Selling Sites

Online you can find many popular selling sites where you can sell just about anything. On these popular selling sites, you can sell your home, all from your phone or computer. All that you need to do is post pictures of your home, with a description of the interior and the asking price.

To see the best results, it is recommended that you put your home on a site that is dedicated to homes only. When you post your house on a general selling site, you may get results, but you are likely to see faster results on a home selling site. Dedicated sites have more success as the traffic that they get are all people that are looking for homes to buy. These sites are also more catered to advertising a home and so it will be much easier for you to fill out all of your home details.

Post on Social Media

You may have a mutual friend on one of your social media accounts that is in desperate need of buying a house, you just don’t know it yet. It may seem like a strange concept to post your house on social media, but this is actually a great way to reach out to people that may not use house selling sites.

There are many pages on platforms such as Facebook that were specifically made for people that are trying to sell their homes. This page allows you to communicate with people who are looking to buy homes in their local area. By joining these social media pages, you can also get tips on what stands out in the housing market and what kind of features buyers are looking for when looking through available homes.

There are many ways that you can utilise the internet to sell your home and they are very inexpensive and very easy to use.

How it Works: Understanding Driving Physics in Modern Gaming

Understanding Driving Physics in Modern Gaming

Games have improved in quality over the years, whether that’s graphics, glitches, or the overall story. But one thing that has been consistently improving over the years is the physics. Older games can sometimes have some very questionable physics, with bodies and characters doing things that they’re not supposed to be able to do. And one thing fans wanted the physics to improve on more than anything was the driving mechanics, as this used to be atrocious. But how does driving physics work now?

What did it used to be like?

The way driving physics used to work was very similar to walking mechanics in games. Steering was extremely difficult and took a lot of effort, and half the screen would be taken up by what the inside of the car looked like, or you’d only get an external view. Drifting wasn’t really a thing, and if you crashed you would just come to a sudden complete stop. Game companies have worked hard to rectify this and to make the driving experience more similar to that of real life. A good franchise to see this in is Grand Theft Auto, or GTA. They have had games since PS2, and the gaming experience has just increased since then.

What is it like now?

Driving physics now has improved a lot, such as the steering being much easier to control and takes less to get the car to turn, and if you crash the car will flip over depending on the speed you were going at it. The car is no longer treated like a body that is glued to the map, it is able to do jumps, drift, and be an extension of the character once they’re inside it. Different cars have different abilities also, as there is now also a difference between 4 wheel drive and front or rear wheel steering. Developers changed the car to reflect real life situations, and be as close to the experience of driving a real car as possible. In games like Death Stranding you are even able to get your vehicle stuck on rocks or cliffs as it adapts to the environment you’re driving it on.

How does it work?

The way it works is very similar to real physics. When a car is driving along, it will experience friction, both from the air and from the ground it is driving on, and different speeds as well as different textures will affect both of these values. When you drive on the road in GTA, it is a very smooth and easy drive, meanwhile if you go offroad and go into the hills or the ocean, you will experience these types of drag on the vehicle that will slow it down. Developers use these real life equations to translate it into a game, which is why the car will steer strangely if you have half of it on one terrain and half on another, as there are two different equations happening to create that effect.

If you haven’t already, go and test it out. Try out the old and new GTA games, or racing games like Need for Speed to see how it differs, And if you can’t quite get the hang of the physics, or are simply finding it boring, you could always check sale on GTA 5 modded accounts as they are some available with easier driving and steering, and also some where they have modded the physics so you can get the car to fly after going over a bump or in a crash.

How to Create The Best Gaming Set up

How to Create The Best Gaming Set up

The world of gaming has reached heights that nobody could have expected. Gaming has moved from being a 2D world to one that is comparable to the world that we live in today. Due to the leaps that have been made in the world of gaming, more and more people are picking up the hobby. If you are interested in getting involved in the world of gaming, then you may want to have the correct setup correctly. Having a quality gaming setup can make or break your gaming experience and to help you along the way, here are some tips on how to create the best possible gaming set-up.

Pick The Right Console

Many people believe that the right way to game is by using a PC. In the past, a PC would have allowed you to play a long list of different games at speeds that many consoles could not reach. This is no longer the case, and consoles can now match these speeds, this means that you can pick whichever one you prefer and fits into your budget. You should look at what games are available on the individual consoles and the other features the consoles offer, as this will make it easier to decide which is right for you.

Have a Comfortable Chair

When you are gaming, you are spending a lot of time sitting down. Sitting up in your bed or using a worn-out chair can be awful for your body and can lead to back pains. We recommend that you take the time to invest in a quality gaming chair, as this will prevent you from feeling back pain or experiencing long term damage. There are many gaming chairs to choose from and we recommend that you look into purchasing a gaming chair from Kirogi. Kirogi offers a line of chairs that were designed to support your back while gaming and are sold at a more than reasonable price.

Use a Quality Monitor or TV

With the advancements that have been made by gaming consoles, it would be an injustice to yourself to use a dated TV or monitor to play. Most consoles are capable of playing in 4K, and it would be a waste to use a console that is capable of 4K when your TV isn’t. We recommend that you invest in a quality TV, as this will enhance your experience and allow you to get the most out of your console.