Scientists and innovations have been attempting to build a machine that thinks like a person since the advent of modern computer technology. In order to develop a mechanical process to human thinking and decision-making, algorithms and networks became the foundation of what is now called artificial intelligence.

AI is now a proper, practical tool, once laughed at as just the story of science-fiction movies. Mostly on the basis of bringing AI technology to the masses, several new startup companies are being created, and bigger companies enter the discussion as well.

Although there is a rapid growth of the AI industry, the technology continues to face challenges, including constant misunderstanding. In this article, we have jotted down some of the important facts about AI that you should be aware of.

AI has Deep Roots in the History

The thought of AI conjures up for many of us visions of a robot or other anthropomorphic machines which can both think and think and understand as well. Some Greek Myths, including the golden robots of Hephaestus, have already seen the concept of a machine-man. In addition, medieval myths about alchemy referred to the placement of the human brain in inanimate artifacts. Some also claim that statues hold human thinking and feeling, as they worship actual statues.

Alan Turing has Contributed a lot to the Development of AI

In 1950, Alan Turing released his paper “Computer Machinery and Intelligence,” in which he sought to determine whether a machine could win the “Emission Game,” which was also the name of the recent Turing film. The test tried to differentiate between the gender of two players from a machine. The paper implemented the Turing test for the first time. Computer machinery and information are widely considered to be the most important work on AI.

Formal Research on AI Begin During the 1950s

Even when AI was done previously, till the 1956 Dartmouth Conference, it did not become a formal academic discipline. The organizer, John McCarthy, promoted the use of the term “artificial intelligence.” Until his death in 2011, McCarthy continued to contribute to AI’s work in several universities.

Natural Processing of Language is Essential to AI

One of AI’s main aims is to realize the area of natural language processing in such a computer and to interact in natural languages. The machine should be able to process natural languages such as Spanish or English.

Autonomous vehicles require AI

The development of autonomous vehicles or vehicles which can pilot themselves have become one of the greatest technological advances in transport in recent years. With many of the top AI technologies we now have, new cars such as Google driverless cars and also some autonomous drones will not be feasible.

Investors Have Came Forward to Fund Upcoming AI companies

What is usually considered a “hot” market for startups, but AI is certainly a hot market. The number of new startups funded in the area is rising as per CB Insights. After a couple of years in service, businesses including Sentient Technologies raised over 100 million USD in funding.

Big tech Businesses are Gambling on AI 

The AI boom is not exclusively attributable to small startups. Major technological giants invest in space and even acquire AI firms. IBM’s Watson does everything from work for hospitals to preparing meals. Google made headlines when it bought AI’s 400 million USD DeepMind startup, and recently Facebook bought

AI-powered robots can think together Robots Powered by AI 

The CoCoRo project has created artificial intelligence robots in Europe which can act as a fish school together. The robots could search an area, scan the environment and submit data.

Some Robots has Featured to Socialize

A robot named Kismet could communicate by recognizing the language and a lot of the human body as well as reposting it in accordance with the feedback from MIT’s Artificial Intelligent Lab. Throughout the 1990s, Cynthia Breazeal was created by Kismet.

Artificial Intelligence is Polarizing

There is no technology as controversial as AI. On the one hand, leading firms and universities are contributing money to AI R&D. Conversely; scientist Stephen Hawking cautioned that the end of the human race might be AI. Bill Gates and Elon Musk have expressed both negative views about AI. Whatever camp you go through, a unified view about AI is probably not going to be forthcoming.

Many AI Devices has Female Voice

Have you really wondered why so many “females” are virtual helpers? Take a glance at Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Alexa, although they are not clearly named after women. They are all very nice and polite voices, and you could easily recognize them.

There may be a couple of explanations. The first point is that the voice of the woman is louder and also has a higher pitch, making it easier for users to equate with male voices to understanding. In addition, women’s voices are more appealing than men’s.

Even so, this may also be due to the fact that experts working on artificial intelligence are also mostly men, and while that artificial intelligence practitioners, just 22% are women, and also that women were secretaries and assistants. However, we need to make it clear that actually several virtual assistants, such as Google Assistant, have their male counterparts.

Future of AI in art

The only people who could really create art were considered. But this assertion is a little controversial with the emergence of AI. The new artificial intelligence breakthroughs have given him creative strength. AI will create not less impressive masterpieces than those of famous artists. Artificial intelligence has become very impressive and exceptional to compose a screenplay, to make music, or to paint portraits. Take a glance at such an algorithm developed by Edmond Belamy.

Two other examples of artificial intelligence which can create art that cannot be distinguished from those of a person are Google Deep Dream and The Next Rembrandt.

Robots have Features to Heal themselves

You don’t think that even if robots could fix themselves, it’d be much safer, and we haven’t spent too much time searching for the right service company? Ok, maybe it isn’t just a fantasy of piping. The creation of artificial intelligence has allowed robots to repair themselves automatically. It isn’t that you realize that you’re broken, but you can find out that your performance is incorrect and, therefore, can easily fix yourself when needed.

Final Words

So these were some of the most interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence that you need to know about. It can be concluded that AI has a huge impact on today’s world, and it is of great importance.