Discover 7 evidence about the “Oil of the 21st century” data sciences as well as digital data. In the United States, in particular, the world demand for engineering jobs is booming. In this article, we have jotted down some unknown facts about data science that you didn’t know about. So read and find out.

Only 0.5 percent of all information we generate is often processed and Used

There is enormous potential for the analysis of data with the growth of technology, cloud, and open data, but only very small. Le Wagon aims at fulfilling this growing need for new age engineers to discover, clean, analyze and forecast data using our renowned Bootcamp. Our team of talented developers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers combined with industry experts* with such a passion for education and spent almost a year designing the course until it was launched in 2020. The students of Le Wagón at the end of the 9-week Bootcamp acquired vital knowledge of data science and how to create a clear story around data and overcome real business obstacles.

The engineering industry is among the top fifteen jobs leading the employment market for the year 2021 as per LinkedIn, the largest network of professionals.

The market for engineering jobs is booming worldwide, and in 2021, this category of employment would specifically seek new talents throughout the world. Many businesses in all industries know that investing in digital technology is vital to the future of data collection, transformation, understanding, and analysis. Tech functions would be among the most important elements for the revival of business in such a “new normal” economy. As per a recent report, the engineering role of employers would be able to recruit these ‘pandemic-proof’ jobs categories this year. Many companies are honored to be involved in the digital transformation of the USA, and announce that the 9-week full-time data science Bootcamp will officially be launched in Dubai this April 2021.

The salaries of data science are far higher as compared to any other technology creation expert

Data functions are highly flexible, and data science involves a complex array of know-how. Data roles include various functions from simple maths – including statistics, probability to linear algebra – and much more advanced skills, including python programming – including the vocabulary of Python, Python libraries, the Jupyter Notebook. Indeed, most data engineers have been developers in the first backend. Before completing this course, many of our students attended our web-based development Bootcamp or had programming or mathematics skills. Such positions often require that non-technology workers be able to collaborate with teams and know how to interact with data science models. This is why we teach students the basic concept and have strong foundations, and also ensure they learn how to work together with a technology team as well as how their results are communicated to non-technical audiences. 

Data science is already used in sectors, from healthcare to art

“The 21st-century oil” is digital data. There is much available data, and in all sorts of sectors or areas: health care, commerce, agriculture, communication, and banking, there are countless compounds of real-world applications.

All through our data science bootcamps over the past two weeks, students work together on a concrete project of their choosing. In Germany last October, for instance, a student team developed a tool to identify false news, whereas an art-price estimator was created by another team. Last year in Paris, a team set up a model to forecast the time and number of new patients spending in hospitals, as well as another group successfully created a method for cardiologists to identify cardiovascular rhythms. Data science has countless use opportunities!

Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Data Analysts are not Similar

Data analysts are also the nearest people to the company. The raw data is processed, purified, and activated by the data scientist. Excel, Statistics Data Visualisation, SQL, and Python are all very well known to you.

Mathematical analysis of the data is being carried out by data scientists. They utilize probability theory as well as algorithms to predict outcomes from found data patterns and need business or industry expertise.

Data engineers are quite engineering roles. They compile and ensure that the data is integral. They deploy the application to obtain, save and allow people who really need it to access data appropriately.

You may begin applying for jobs as a Python Data Analyst or as a Junior Data Scientist after our Bootcamp. You can also start at a Junior Data Engineer position, based on your level prior to the Bootcamp.

For a data science job, 75 percent of the data experts utilize Python

Over the last 1980s, Python was built to develop a large, supportive society, and that had plenty of time. Although it is a language that is high-level and could do complex work, with its simple syntax that gives greater importance to natural language, Python is among the most available programming languages. Our students are taught to code in Python and master other important Python-related resources like a Jupyter Notebook or Python Library at Le Wagon 9 weeks full-time Bootcamp.

Computer IT, statistics, domain knowledge, and mathematics are at the crossroads of data science

Data science is an interdisciplinary area that employs a combination of scientific, business as well as mathematical know-how. Our 9-week course covers all three areas, which ensure your readiness to market by the end of the Bootcamp.

Weeks 1-2: Basic Data Science. Python and Mathematics are fundamental in data science.

Week 3: Science of Decision. You would learn how to plan and convey your results to non-technical audiences with Python.

Weeks 4-5: Machine Learning. Throughout this module, you’ll understand the various classes of machine learning, diving into one of the most utilized libraries of Machine Learning: scikit-learn.

Sixth Week, deep research. We will discuss Neural Network building blocks and consider the building blocks of its Neural Networks and what parameters they use.

Week 7: Information engineering Week 7. You will learn all the best practices for experimenting and using machine learning to solve a fascinating problem.

8-9 weeks: Final Projects for Data Science. During the last two weeks, pupils will be working on and presenting a concrete data science experiment on a demo day.

Final Words

So these were some of the common facts about data science that you need to know about.