According to ZipRecruiter, Manufacturing Engineer salaries range from $66,000 to $95,000 with the highest earners (90th percentile) earning $95,000 annually in the United States, while the lowest earners make $42,000 annually.

How Much Does An Manufacturing Engineer Make?


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What Is The Highest Salary Manufacturing Engineer?

  • There are five salaries reported in Pune, Maharashtra. The average salary is $54,728.
  • The salaries for nine employees were reported in Bengaluru, Karnataka.
  • There are 7 salaries reported in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The average salary is $39,920.
  • There are six salaries reported in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.
  • There are five salaries reported in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • Is Manufacturing Engineer A Good Career?

    It is a well-paying, well-regarded job with a good career outlook, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in this field will increase by 9% between 2016 and 2026. It is generally thought that manufacturing engineers will remain in the profession for a long time.

    What Do Manufacturing Engineers Get Paid?

    Manufacturing Engineers in the United States earn an average salary of $104,920 annually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the lowest salary for a Manufacturing Engineer in the United States is $59,582.

    How Much Do Manufacturing Engineers Make Out Of College?

    Manufacturing Engineers at entry level earn an average salary of $57,839 per year. It is estimated that an experienced Manufacturing Engineer earns $86,809 annually.

    Are Manufacturing Engineers In Demand?

    By 2029, there will be 35,600 new jobs available for Manufacturing Engineers, an increase of 8%. There has been a 1 percent increase over the last year. In the next few years, this will rise to 36 percent.

    What Kind Of Job Can You Get With A Manufacturing Engineering Degree?

  • Apprenticeships, co-ops, and internships are all available.
  • Engineer in the industrial sector…
  • I am a business consultant. I work with companies in the…
  • An operations research analyst is responsible for analyzing operational data.
  • Technician in the field of engineering…
  • Managers of Engineering…
  • Managers of information systems.
  • What Are The Benefits Of Being A Manufacturing Engineer?

  • Benefits and pay that are competitive.
  • Skills that can be transferred.
  • Knowledge that is specialized.
  • Processes can be designed and improved with this skill.
  • Diverse work that is challenging.
  • Work environments that are autonomous.
  • Ability to think outside the box.
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